EDL-Generation Public Company (EDL-GEN) are strongly willing to be:

1. Number one leading company in Lao PDR in ensuring a reliable electric power supplies for the socio-economic development of Lao PDR.

2. A leading company which strongly contributes to the realization of Lao PDR’s vision of being a battery of ASEAN in order to contribute and ensure sustainable and reliable power supplies to ASEAN community.

3. A leading company which provide operation and maintenance services to power producers in Lao PDR and ASEAN community.

4. A leading company which increase value for the shareholders.



1.  To stand side by side and coordinate closely with EDL on ensuring energy security in term of quality and quantity in order to support the socio-economic development of Lao PDR as well as the development of ASEAN nations with reasonable price and also increasing value for the shareholder.

2. To supply electric power from clean alternative energy to ensure energy security substantially.

3. To invest in other interesting businesses and build up the value for shareholders through the funds and assets of the company


4. To be fully responsible to the shareholders and stakeholder in the protection of company’s assets.

5. To firmly build up the wealthy and value of shareholders in the long run.

6. To act principally and flexibly in accordance with the visions and missions considering the risk that is born and will be born in the future

7. To have transparent and accountable process of decision making.


8. To equally, fairly and justly treat all involved parties and avoid the situations leading to the conflict of interest.

9. To increase continuously the effectiveness of business management and electricity generation to be competitive with others through creative thinking and technology.

10. To enhance and develop the qualities and capacity of it staff at all level so as to encourage them to actively participate in the company development with the sense of pride, responsibility and ownership. Focus on human resource development in the field of O&M service for energy producers in Laos and also in ASEAN community.

11. To take care of society, water sources and environment.

Sustainable Choice For You, Sustainable Power For The Nations.