EDL-Generation Public Company (EDL-GEN) are strongly willing to be:

1. A leading company in Lao PDR in generating the stable electric power, to fulfil the demand of socio-economic development of Lao PDR and the region in line with the green and sustainable direction.

2. A leading company in providing the operation and maintenance services to power producers in Lao PDR and the region.

3. A leading company that creates the added values for Shareholders.



1.  To supply electric power from clean and renewable energy sources by taking the environment into account, ensuring the energy security and sustainability for Lao PDR and the region.

2. To comprise the clear, transparent and auditable decision-making process.

3. To collaborate closely with strategic partners and power distributors to supply electricity for domestic and regional socio-economic development.


4. To enhance the effectiveness and improve the company in all aspects, in order to become the producer and provider of the operation-maintenance service for power producers in Lao PDR and the region.

5. To invest in businesses which emphasis the creating of added values both short term and long term with highest returns continuously for Shareholders.

Sustainable Choice For You, Sustainable Power For The Nations.