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Location: Senvang Village, Salavanh district, Salavanh Province;

Tel: 034 360001-3

Fax: 034 360002

E-mail: xeset_hpp@edlgen.com.la

Xeset 2 Hydropower Plant is located in the province of Saravan and Champasak in southern Lao PDR, approximately 35 km from Saravan city and five km from Xeset 1 Hydropower Plant.

A MOU on the development of Xeset 2 Hydropower Plant was signed in August 2001 between EDL and Norinco Company Limited (China). In October 2003, the basic design report was submitted to EDL and in January 2004, EDL invited consultants from Norway to review the basic design report. The final design report was accomplished in September 2005. The project started construction in 2005 and was completed in 2009.

The Xeset 2 Hydropower Plant has two generating units, having the installed capacity of 38 MW each, and an average production of approximately 309 GWh. In addition, the Xeset 2 Hydropower Plant is a run-of-river scheme, diverting water from Houay Tapoung to Xeset reservoir.

The project total cost was approximately USD 135.5 million. 80 percent or approximately USD 108 million came from a seller credit from the Export-Import Bank of China and the other 20 percent or approximately USD 27 million came from EDL local component.

Indices of Hydrologic and Reservoir Characteristics

1. Xeset 2 Dam Area

Catchments area

Mean annual precipitation

Mean annual evaporation

Normal storage level of the reservoir

Design flood level of the reservoir

Total storage capacity

Installed capacity

2. Houay Tapoung Dam Area

Normal Storage Level of the Reservoir

Design Flood Level of the Reservoir


: 392 km2

: 2066 mm

: 1188 mm

: 813 masl

: 816 masl

: 800,000 m3

: 2 x 38 MW

: 824 masl

: 826 masl