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Location: Senvang Village, Salavanh district, Salavanh Province;

Tel: 034 360001-3

Fax: 034 360002

E-mail: xeset_hpp@edlgen.com.la

Xeset 1 Hydropower Plant has been supplying electricity to the provinces of Saravan and Champasak, and surplus power has been exported to Thailand.

Lao PDR received a loan from ADB, and grants from UNDP, the Swedish government and the Norwegian Government to finance the project. The Xeset 1 Hydropower Plant is a run-of-river scheme utilizing about 1.5 km of the river with a drop of 157 m. As this type of scheme has limited storage capacity, the energy production will in general vary with the river discharge from day to day. The intake pond is created by a 10 m high gravity dam. From the intake pond to the power house, the water is conveyed through underground tunnels, which are partly steel lined to withstand the high water pressure. The power house is built in the open air with five generating units, three with 13 MW capacity each, and two units with 3 MW capacity each. All works were carried out in one stage and completed in 1991 after two and a half years of construction.

Main Features of the Scheme

1. Storage:

Catchment area

Reservoir dead storage

Full water level

Low water level

2. Dam



3. Operation Discharge System:

Headrace tunnel length

Headrace tunnel diameter

Maximum operation discharge

Maximum operation discharge


: 325 km2

: 0.3 x 106 m3

: 482 masl

: 478 masl

: 10 m

: 91 m

: 436 m

: 3.2 m

: 2.25 m3/s

 No. 1 or 2

: 9.5 m3/s

No. 3, 4 or 5