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  • Nam Leuk Hydroelectric Power Plant Construction Project   

Location: Phopamun Village, Longsan district, Vientiane Province

Tel: 030 5262569
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Nam Leuk Hydropower Plant was completed in 2000, having capacity of 60 MW and 2 generator units with capacity 30 MW each. The project is located approximately 10 km upstream of the dam, has a 2,830 m long pressured tunnel, a surge tank and a 458 m long open-air penstock from the tunnel outlet to power house. The open-air penstock has a diameter of 3.40 m. From the Nam Poun

diversion weir, water is transferred to the reservoir through a 2,600 m long and 3.30 m diameter tunnel.

The spillway

The main spillway of the free overspill type is located on the left bank of the dam. It is 60 m wide and able to accommodate 2,100 m3/s. The secondary spillway, located on the nearest saddle on the left bank, is designed to supplement the main spillway for floods, with a peak discharge higher than 1,500 m3/s.

The transmission line

From the switchyard located next to the power house, electricity is conveyed by three single circuit 115 kV transmission lines, all owned and operated by EDL. The first line, 85 km long, joins Nam Leuk to Pakxan, where a 115 kV substation is located. The second 115 kV line, 55 km long follows the Nam Ngum lake shore, linking Nam Leuk to Nam Ngum power house. The third 115 kV line, 187 km long, travels from Nam Leuk to Phonsavanh substation in Xiengkhuang province.

The project in figures

The dam is of the rock fill type with an earth fill core. It rises to a total height of 45.5 m above the riverbed, with a crest length of 800 m and a fill volume of about 1.2 mm3.

1. Storage

Full supply level

Minimum operating level

Reservoir area (full supply level)

Reservoir active storage

Reservoir dead storage

Annual runoff

Net head

2. Dam


3. Operation Discharge System:

Headrace tunnel length

Headrace tunnel diameter

Steel lining

Penstock (open air)

Power station rated output

Maximum operation discharge

: 405 m

: 388 m

: 12.8 km2

: 154 x 106 mm3

: 31 x 106 mm3

: 517 x 106 mm3

: 182.9 m

: 45.5 m

: 2,830 m

: 4.90 m

: 305 m

: 458 m

: 60 MW

: 39 m3/s